Our vision

Our goal is to create an affordable maker space platform to enable maker spaces around the world to manage their maker spaces easily.

Running a Maker Space

Running a maker space is rewarding but it does come with challenges. We've learned from experience that, in addition to securing a location, tools and a group of makers eager to start working on projects, there are a number of administrative tasks that come with running a maker space.

The Maker Space Platform was designed to help simplify those administrative tasks and is tailored to the unique needs of maker spaces. Using Maker Space Platform will allow you to spend less time on administration and more time improving your space and providing more value to your members.

We are writing articles about Maker Space best practices. We'll be publishing the material as it becomes available. We'd hope you enjoy!

Maker Space Platform Features

We've built a modular solution from the ground up. That means that we understood from the beginning that each maker space is unique and we wanted to make sure that you can customize the platform to best fit your needs.

You can add or remove any of the features below, at any time. You can use what works for you, and disable what doesn't.

Member Manager

Allowing members to signup, collecting personal information, and managing your member's life cycle can be challenging if you don't have the right tools.

We've found that generic member managers often won't do what is needed for a maker space and can also be more expensive than what most maker spaces can afford.


Billing is an important part of your organization and invoicing members can be a daunting task without the proper tools.

We integrated our platform with Stripe to make invoicing and getting paid quick and easy!

Member Certifications

Maker spaces often contain expensive and potentially dangerous machinery that require training before use. Many maker spaces need an ability to restrict what equipment each of their members can use within their space.

The certifications feature allows you to add certifications to your members and indicate when they can operate certain machinery or use certain restricted areas of your space.

Tool Catalog

Tools are essential for most maker spaces. We offer the ability to create a catalog of tools and store tool details, videos, manuals, tool status (show when a tool is down for maintenance), and more.

You can also integrate this feature with the website builder to show your tool catalog to public web site visitors.

Member Projects

You may want to allow your members to exhibit their projects on your main website to demonstrate to the internet crowd what people can do in your space. Member projects are a great way to drive interest and website visits!

Member Checkin

Would you like to track attendance? We provide a checkin board that you can use to checkin members on daily basis.

If you enable the certifications or billing features, the checkin board will automatically display who's in the shop, their certifications and billing status.

Website Builder

The typical maker space website targets people who want to learn more about your space, tools and community. When internet users become interested, they want to see your pricing options and be able to signup.

Our website builder is meant to help with these requirements, and much more.

Platform backlog

We're constantly improving our platform and adding new features.

Click the link below to learn what we are going to be working next!

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