Web Site Builder

Our web site builder lets you customize your web site to fit all information related to your maker space. Landing pages, pricing, contact information, tools and member projects.

Landing page

Landing pages give you the opportunity to introduce your space to potential new customers and encourage them to click on other links such as tools, pricing, faq and finally signup.


Tools are important for most maker spaces and we recognized that by building a tool catalog that you can choose to make publicly available.

Pricing simplified

Set up your membership pricing options to show your member pricing clearly and simply.

Signup new members

New customers coming from the internet can signup and become prospective members. Once their membership is approved they become active members.

Contact form

Let prospective members contact you through the contact form.

Showcase member projects

Your members make pretty awesome things! Show them off with the Member Profiles section. We’ve built a great template that lets members showcase their work and shows prospective members just what can be accomplished in your maker space.


Does your maker space hold events? We've create a Calendar feature that let you to create events with just a few clicks.

This calendar allows members or non-members to signup for events (depending on your configuration choices) and can optionally limit how many participants can register for a given event.

Google Calendar

For those of you with a Google calendar in place, you can put it on your website with just a few clicks!