Member Management

We designed a member management system with you, the maker, in mind. At Makerspace Platform, you'll find all the membership features you need to manage your membership quickly and easily, because we know you've got to get back to your project.

Liability waiver

Maker spaces often have tools that can be dangerous and access to the space has inherent risks.

We've create a feature to allow you to create liability waivers that new members must accept before acquiring memberships.

New member sign up

Prospective members can go from browsing to fully signed up in minutes. Select which fields you want your members to provide during the signup process: name, address, emergency contact and/or photo.

From prospective to active

Members who signup become prospectives. Once members show up at your space you may need to verify the information that they've provided online, set them up with a payment plan and activate them.

Member types

Typically makespaces have different types of members with different privileges. You can create member types such as Drop-in, Key-Holder, Spouse, Supporting and each member type will grant your members a different set of privileges within our platform.


We've designed our permission system to allow you to assign permissions at the member type or individual member level. You can give broad permissions such as Tool Catalog Manager, Member Manager or finer grained permission such as Emergency Contact Viewer, Member Address Viewer, Certification Viewer, etc.

No matter how you run your space, we've created a system that you can assign permissions and let certain members perform specific tasks within your organization.

Manage your membership

Member management has features designed specifically for maker spaces to let members self-manage their accounts and help make member management a snap.

Member Management Simplified

Manage your membership with a one stop list and change member status with toggle functions.