Maker Space Platform backlog

We're constantly improving our platform and adding new features.

We try to prioritize our task list based on our clients wishes. Contact us if there is something you want to see in the future!

Member manager

You can manage a basic set of fields for each member such as name, address, phone, emergency contact information, etc.

We want to allow you to manage custom fields. We're also looking into allowing documents to be uploaded on the member profile and notes to be added.


We already support to send messages your members when certain events happen such as membership created, membership cancelled, password resets, email changes, etc.

We want to build a tool that allows you to send a message to all or a subset of your members.


Our tool section was a big hit. It allows internet users to see what you have to offer.

We want to extend our Tools capabilities by adding a Tool Maintenance Schedule feature so you will never forget to perform routine tasks on your tools!

Stripe Epic

We've done lots with Stripe already. From the billing board, managing invoices and subscriptions to allowing prospective members to purchase their plan online and cancel their plan from their profile page.

We still think there is more to be done:

Manage stripe credits and refunds, price plan migration tool to help updating subscriptions in bulk, allowing members to purchase additional subscriptions, products and services on demand, allowing members and non-members to signup and pay for events and workshops.

Other languages

We currently offer our platform in English with the ability to customize the public website to any language and partially allow maker space platform admins to translate a portion of our member area website.

We want to fully allow our member area website to be translated to any language so we can help maker spaces around the world run their business.


Some maker spaces offer tool rentals. For those in need, we want to build a tool rental module to allow members to rent tools. Easily track rented tools, overdue returns and optionally charge a fee for the rental.


Blog posts are an valueable way to engage with the internet crowd. We want to build that functionality to make sure that if you have something to say, that will be shown easily, nice and tidy on your public website!